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When importing goods across international borders, importers and exporters must pay duties and taxes to the customs authority of the destination country. As part of Express Travel Shipping’s dedication to making your shipping process quick and hassle-free, our experienced customs experts take care of the customs clearance formalities.

We have the experience necessary to handle every step of the customs duty clearance process smoothly and efficiently.

To facilitate the expeditious passage of goods, import and export documentation must be prepared and submitted according to United States laws and those of government agencies in the European Union and Asia. These documents inform customs officials that duty has been paid, and the goods can be permitted to continue to their final destination.

Failure to prepare the appropriate paperwork can lead to costly delays at the port of entry, fines from border protection agencies, and even dissatisfied customers. At Express Travel Shipping, we are experienced with global logistics services, so you can be confident your products complete their journey in a timely fashion without any customs problems.

Understanding Custom Broker Fees

Customs brokerage services are responsible for making sure importers and exporters are paying customs duties according to local customs laws. A customs broker holds a special broker license and can advise you regarding the entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classifications, and other aspects of importation.

Customs fees can vary depending on a number of aspects, including the destination country, the type of goods being shipped, and how much of it you are importing. These fees help manage the flow of goods into a country, protecting local jobs, residents, and the economy.

Some goods that may be similar may be classified differently at specific ports, and it helps to work with a customs broker to classify and price your shipment. For example, shippers can save money by reclassifying goods, so you pay lower tariffs at the destination country.

Our licensed customs brokers at Express Travel Shipping can advise you on how your shipment should be classified and complete the necessary paperwork and pay duties and applicable taxes on your behalf. Instead of relying on guesswork, count on experts in the customs business to get your goods ready.

Customs Requirements for Shipping

Other than your customs value, specific documentation must be provided with your shipment to make sure everything is correctly classified, paid, and accounted for. When shipping, some of the paperwork you need may include an airway bill, a bill of lading, a commercial invoice, an insurance certificate, packing list, and other documents. Our trained and experienced team can complete and file the documentation on your behalf.

An airway bill is a detailed document that travels with your shipment. It is shared with the different couriers and parties involved, allowing the shipment to be accurately tracked. A bill of lading is a shipment list, like a receipt that the carrier provides to the receiving party.

A commercial invoice is a legal document existing between the buyer and the supplier, indicating details of the goods sold and their value. This is the most critical document for customs officials and is used directly in determining duty.

Legally, all shippers must have some form of an insurance certificate to protect them in case of an unfortunate event. A packing list details the quantity, weight, and size of the goods to verify all parties’ contents.

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